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Ishida IX-G2 dual energy X-ray inspection

Dual energy X-ray for overlapping product inspection

Traditional X-ray systems detect foreign objects by analyzing dark and light areas in transparent x-ray images.

However, when products are overlapping, distinguishing dark areas from foreign objects becomes unreliable resulting in missed detections and false rejects.

New Ishida IX-G2 X-ray inspection systems solve this problem by using a unique dual energy process that compares absorption of x-rays on two levels. Ishida’s G2 technology improves detection of low-density objects in overlapped products. It is also adept at detecting thin pieces of metal, glass, rubber, hard bones, and other foreign objects in products that have uneven surfaces, like cereal and certain frozen foods.

The IX-G2 also includes functions for weight verification and detection of missing items, incomplete filling, product defects, incorrect alignment, or products trapped in package seals.