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Newtec Weighing Machine 4015B2

The Newtec Weighing Machine 4015B2 is designed for accurate, high speed for smaller products such as potatoes, carrots, onions, citrus, and other similar vegetables and fruits.
Newtec 4015b2 front view

Newtec 4015B2 front view

  • High weighing accuracy: Typical giveaway: less than 0.2%
  • High speed – up to 85 portions / min. at 2 kg.
  • Flexible system to handle large as well as small vegetables and fruits
  • Gentle product handling with low drop height
  • Option: Newtec WebServices for remote servicing, data collection and analysis
  • Option: Newtec MachineLink for easy control of more Newtec machines from only one touchscreen
ApplicationsPotatoes, carrots, onions, citrus, and other similar vegetables and fruits.
No. of weigh heads15
Width of weigh heads130 mm
Portion sizes0.5 - 5 kg
SpeedUp to 110 portions/min.
Product sizeØ: 20 - 120 mm, L: 20 - 230 mm
Dimensions without Portion Collection SystemW: 2610 mm, H: 1608 mm, D: 1472 mm
Air consumption and pressure100 NL/min., 6 bar (0.6Mpa)
Electricity consumption3x230 VAC or 3x400 VAC (N) PE 50/60 Hz 3-6 kW

Select belt/outlet option



  • L+L+R+R - Speed (up to) 30 portions/min. per outlet
  • L+R+C - Speed (up to) 30 & 50 portions/min. per outlet
  • L - Speed (up to) 75 portions/min.
  • C+C - Speed (up to) 50 portions/min.
  • L+R - Speed (up to) 30 & 75 portions/min. per outlet
  • LR - Speed (up to) 50 portions/min. per outlet
  • C - Speed (up to) 100 portions/min.
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Newtec Weighing Machine, Model 4015B2

Newtec Weighing Machine, Model 4015B2

Newtec Weighing Machine 4015B2 Brochure

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Newtec Weighing Machine 4015B2 Brochure

Newtec Weighing Machine 4015B2 Brochure

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