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Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets

Rosenqvists Star Wheel Frying System for Pellets has 25 years of experience with the design. They are continuously improving and adjusting the functionality. Their focus is always to improve the frying performance and to simplify the operation and maintenance.

With the lowest total oil volume of any pellet fryer on the market, the SWF is available in three sizes with product output from 100- 1000 kg/h. The SWF has a low oil turnover, which equates to an exceptional turnover rate and optimized product quality with a long shelf-life.

Rosenqvists SWF provides gentle handling and uniform frying, from 2- to 3-dimensional products. The fryer consists of a rotary wheel that is divided into several compartments.

Its design ensures that each pellet gets the same frying time and the compartment's special surface treatment makes sure that pellets will not stick to the wheel. The frying tests De-Oiling Belt is used after the fryer with 2-3 turning points to ensure maximum oil drip off before seasoning, all excess oil is automatically pumped back into the oil system.

The telescopic exhaust stack is removable and allows easy access to the pan and frying wheel, which is lifted with a motor-driven lift system. Safety sensors in place control temperature- and oil levels. Furthermore, a safety sensor ensures that the fryer hood cannot be opened when the infeed conveyor is in place.

Star Wheel Fryer advantages
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Safety sensors and accurate oil-level control
  • Small footprint and low oil volume

The SWF system is designed for easy operation and cleaning, with a built-in CIPfunction. The system is easy to maintain. The installation is also very simple since the system is pre-assembled with piping and cabling already before delivery.
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Rosenqvists Snack Pellet Frying Line

Rosenqvists Snack Pellet Frying Line


SWF 35

Infeed / Outfeed



550 / 625


1471 / 984

35 kW125-150 kg/h140 l

SWF 80

Infeed / Outfeed



850 / 900


2164 / 1530

80 kW250-300 kg/h430 l

SWF 140

Infeed / Outfeed



850 / 900


2164 / 1440

140 kW400-500 kg/h570 l

SWF 200

Infeed / Outfeed



950 / 1000


2502 / 1482

200 kW850-1000 kg/h1150 l

Installed Power **Varies with product bulk density and frying time