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SFW Even Flow Bins

SFW Even Flow Bins

Southern Fabrication Works Even Flow Bins

Southern Fabrication Works offers a range of even flow bins with a wide range of capacities an with multiple filling and discharge options, designed to create a smooth and consistent product flow
Product Specifications
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Modular design allows for many size configurations
  • On-site assembly allows bin to be installed in confined spaces and existing buildings
  • Severe Duty Out Feed Conveyor with rubber V guided belt - Adjustable Hogback
  • Slanted in feed bin for gentle landing of ‘first in’ product
  • Designed and produced for 24/7 operation

Size Options:

  • capacities ranging from 15 to 100 ton
  • Length, width, and heigth depend on tonnage requirement and local requirements