SFW Even Flow Bins

Bins are modular, bolted together or welded with a smooth wall design.

  • Wide range of storage capacity
  • Multiple options for fill and let down
  • Multiple discharge options
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Modular design allows for many size configurations
  • On site assembly allows bin to be installed in confined spaces and existing buildings
  • Severe Duty Out Feed Conveyor with rubber V guided belt
  • Adjustable Hogback
  • Slanted infeed bin for gentle lowering of 'first in' product
  • Designed and produced for the 24/7 industry

Size Options:



  • 15-100 ton
  • Length, width, and heigth depend on tonnage requirement and local requirements.



SFW - Tapered Roll Sizer

SFW - Tapered Roll Sizer

Southern Fabrication Works (SFW)

Size your potatoes using the compact and easy to clean SFW tapered roll sizer

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SFW - KW Washing and Destoning Combo

SFW - KW Washing and Destoning Combo

Southern Fabrication Works (SFW)

The KW Washer destoner is a thoughtful combination of a drum washer, destoner and tools to remove floating debris. The unit has several options to manage water level and flow, allowing customization to your local conditions and product(s)

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SFW - Water Treatment (Solids Removal)

SFW - Water Treatment (Solids Removal)

Southern Fabrication Works (SFW)

Solids handling system designed to work in conjunction with washing or other solid saturated water systems. This system can be sized and implemented to produce clean recirculated water where solids removal is required.

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