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SFW - KW Washing and Destoning Combo

SFW - KW Washing and Destoning Combo

With its KW Washing and Destoning Combo, Southern Fabrication Works offers a 3 in 1 solution to wash potatoes and several other types of produce and remove stones as well as floating debris

The KW Washer destoner is a thoughtful combination of a drum washer, destoner and tools to remove floating debris.

This high capacity unit (up to 150 ton/h) has several options to manage water level and flow, allowing customization to your local conditions and product(s)

The standard TM drum washing unit is characterized by a robust, dimple design whereby the product can be washed and de-stoned under an adjustable water level.

Depending on the wishes of the customer, the water can be removed at the discharge side of the drum using a mechanically-operated, or at extra cost,- a hydraulically-operate slide valve/sluice. The slide valve/sluice is to allow filling level control and the aggressiveness of the washing.

It is also possible to install a mechanical drive system after the slide valve/sluice in order to remove floating objects.

Using a circulating pump, you may, if so required, determine the life of the product in the drum, and as a result, you also have to provide less external water.

A clean water spraying nozzle system on the discharge conveyor belt can ensure that a cleaner product emerges from the water.

The entire assembly can also be designed with a fully automated adjustable water level in combination with automatic valves.

The drum is suspended in a maintenance-free belt construction with which all the rotating parts are placed well above the water level. The drum is made with one or two drives, depending on the amount of water.


  • 3 processes in one machine
  • The intensity of the washing effect can be adjusted easily
  • Robust, simple drive, slippage-free
  • All the components are perfectly accessible for maintenance
  • Very high capacities are possible while compact overall dimensions
  • Fewer wear-and-tear parts due to the combination
  • One water inlet for the entire machine
  • Low water usage
Product Specifications
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SFW Washer Destoner Combo Specifications

Types of Produce

The KW Washer Destoner Combo is not only suitable for potato, but can also clean a range of different types of produce, such as:

  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Beans
  • Carrots