SK Agri Exports Memphis

SK Agri Exports, Memphis potato variety

SK Agri Exports, Memphis potato variety

Potato Memphis is a new promising crop variety. It is characterized by good yield and drought resistance, which greatly simplifies care. This potato has large, flattened oval-shaped tubers.

The average weight of each varies between 82-160 g. The peel is smooth with superficial, inconspicuous eyes, of a uniform red hue.

When whole tubers are boiled, the color intensity is lost. The pulp is dense, light cream shade. Retains its color when exposed to air. The concentration of starch in potatoes is 14,2-16,7%.

Memphis potatoes have a good taste. This potato variety is medium early. The duration of its growing season is 80-90 days. Memphis can be grown for an early harvest.

  • Big size tubers
  • Good yield
  • Early maturing
  • Suitable for second (autumn/winter) crop
  • Good tolerance to dry circumstances
  • Good resistance package