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tna thermo-wash® HW 3

tna thermo-wash® HW 3

The tna thermo-washHW 3 is a potato hot washing system designed to overcome challenges associated with raw materials high in sugar, by lowering sugar content to below 0.2% ready for frying. Ensuring little-to-no discolouration or brown spots of potato slices, the tna thermo-washHW 3 helps you to deliver a high-quality product every time.

  • Controls product colour to help you meet consumers’ high expectations.
  • Handles products carefully to prevent product damage or loss – maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Helps reduce acrylamide formation during frying – for healthier, more appealing products.
  • Reliable and easy-to-use system for excellent operational efficiency.

Standard features
  • Reduces sugar content of product below 0.20%
  • Efficient/smart design
  • High-speed belt
  • Water circulation over heat exchanger and belt filter
  • Stainless steel execution (exception fans, pumps, drives, valves, bearings, belts)

Optional features
  • Steam injection in water circulation system

Application: The hot washing and the sugar reduction of potatoes and other products for the production of snacks.

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tna thermo-wash HW 3


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tna thermo-wash® HW 3 specifications

tna thermo-wash® HW 3 specifications

All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.