Vanmark Lamina Hydrocutter

Vanmark Lamina® Hydrocutter

Vanmark Lamina® Hydrocutter

The Lamina® Hydrocutter provides a quality cut to a variety of products. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software analyzes design components to provide a smooth flow for the product, reducing breakage and increasing yield.

Changing a cutterhead and hydrotube on a Lamina Hydrocutter

Flexible hydro tubes and modular design make the Lamina Hydrocutter an essential solution for french fry and a variety of produce product operations. Its user-friendly operation and sanitary design reduce operator fatigue and allow for fast and thorough cleaning.
  • Pumps product through cutting blades accurately without adjustment or wear parts
  • CFD software uses data analysis to improve product yield
  • Flexible hydrotubes fit a wide range of products, including oversized and odd-shaped
  • Designed for modularity and integration with legacy components
  • Sanitary design allows for quick and thorough cleaning
(Click picture to watch video)Vanmark Hydrocutting Equipment

Vanmark Hydrocutting Equipment


Product Size

1.5-4.875” (38.1-123.825 mm) diameter


750 lbs

  • DN100 (4”, 101.6 mm) and DN125 (5”, 127 mm) models available
  • Optional: Twin model
  • Lamina Distributor