Wyma Large Potato Line

Wyma Large Potato Packaging Line

Wyma Large Potato Line

With this example of a large Potato Packing Line with a capacity of 90-ton/hour, Wyma illustrates the scale and complexity required to process and handle large volumes of potatoes or comparable root vegetables.

Receiving is managed via large storage bins or directly from field harvest trucks.

Potatoes are then soaked, destoned, washed and polished. A large flume network provides the transport solution at this stage, supported by a large Rotary Filter water recycling system.

Potatoes are then conveyed, via an initial Optical Grader, to a pair of Hydro-Coolers. Chilling potatoes is a proven methodology to extend shelf life and, in this example, chilled potatoes are precisely sized and graded through the pairing of mechanical Lift Roller Sizer with an Optical Grading and Sizing system for maximum precision.

Sized produce is then transported via an Automated Bin Handling System to storage, or directly to final visual inspection, prior to weighing and bagging. Numerous options and configurations are available for this volume of produce and will depend upon individual requirements and environmental factors.