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Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers

Soil Erosion: A Looming Threat to Farmers

June 28, 2023
Soil erosion, a natural process exacerbated by human activities, poses a significant challenge to agricultural sustainability worldwide. This relentless force gradually strips away fertile topsoil, leaving a devastating impact on farmers and the environment.
Sowing a More Collaborative Seed Industry

Solynta: Sowing a More Collaborative Seed Industry

June 27, 2023
You may think of a seed as tiny and insignificant. Don’t be fooled: its impact on global agriculture is immense. The seed industry is constantly balancing innovation with bringing value to growers.
Fresh deep-fried crisps from Frosta in Trøndelag. Probably the healthiest crisps on the planet

Norwegian research for the best potato for potato chips

June 26, 2023
Researchers in Norway investigated the best way to avoid the formation of acrylamide when producing potato chips. They focused in particular on identifying the most suitable potatoes to use.
Morocco: Imports of Seed Potatoes by year and by month, 000 MT

Seed potato import Morocco reaches five-year high

June 25, 2023
Imports of seed potatoes had been growing in Morocco and reached their at least five-year high of 60,000 tonnes in the MY 2022/23
 Potatoes are harvested and sorted in Burley, Idaho.

Idaho potato packer Mart Group will use USD 19.6M in federal funding to construct a frozen potato processing facility

June 25, 2023
The Mart Group, an Idaho potato packing operation has been awarded a USD 19.6 million USDA funding to construct a frozen potato processing facility. The investment is part of a USD 320 million effort to create better markets for agricultural producers and food businesses.
China’s total arable land has decreased amid rapid urbanisation in recent decades, but the trend has reversed for the past two years

China bans 'one-size-fits-all' approach to farmland reclamation amid food security drive

June 23, 2023
China’s top land use regulator has warned local authorities against blunt efforts to reassign land for crops amid a national push for food security.
Washington potatoes provide USD 7.4 billion in economic activity in the state, according to the Washington Potato Commission.

Potato growers can’t keep up with 'red hot' global demand

June 22, 2023
Washington potato farmers can’t keep pace with worldwide cravings for french fries, hash browns, tots, potato chips and other processed potato products.
The Agarada base in Brzezimierz about 35 km south of Wroclaw.

Agricultural machinery sector acquisition: GRIMME takes over Agrarada in Poland

June 21, 2023
With effect from 15 June 2023, the GRIMME Group from Damme (Germany) takes over the Polish agricultural machinery retailer Agrarada from Brzezimierz near Wroclaw.
Consumer Price Index for Food Products in G7 Countries (percentage)

Rise of Food Prices in Canada Significant but Still Less than in Other Countries, Says a Canadian Parliament Committee Report

June 21, 2023
The increase in food prices is the result of a ripple effect throughout the supply chain. Farmers and producers experienced sharp rises in the prices of essential inputs like feed, fuel, and fertilizer, leading to a 16.1% increase in their operating expenses.
Potato Stocks on June 1, 2022-2023

United States Northwest Region Potato Stocks on June 1, 2023 Totaled 34.8 Million Hundredweight

June 21, 2023
Potato stocks in Idaho on June 1, 2023 totaled 19.0 million cwt. Disappearance of the Idaho crop to date was
101.7 million cwt. June 1 potato stocks in Oregon totaled 2.80 million cwt.


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