Rwandan entrepreneur Apollinaire Karegeya is growing potatoes without soil and with little water.
December 04, 2020
A Rwandan entrepreneur is pioneering the use of innovative farming technology that, he believes, is set to play a major role in feeding the growing population in his country, amid increasing pressure on arable land.
Signing ceremony between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Green System Pakistan Pvt Limited
October 09, 2020
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) will Produce Two Million Disease-Resistant Potato Potato Tubers Using Tissue Culture Technology
Utkal Tubers India plans to ramp up its production of seed potatoes
December 23, 2019
Bengaluru-based potato seeds firm Utkal Tubers India plans to ramp up its annual production to 50,000 tons of high-yielding, disease-resistant seed potatoes across Gujarat, Assam, Punjab, UP, Haryana and Karnataka over the next three years.
Maara kai – reinvigorating Māori Food Sovereignty through potatoes in New Zealand
August 26, 2019
As we wound our way down to Port Levy, New Zealand, although only an hour from Christchurch city, it felt a world away. The turquoise waters of the harbour as still as glass, under the mid-afternoon Winter sun.
How to improve the seed potato industry in Sri Lanka.
July 23, 2019
Sri Lankans consume 228,000MT of potatoes annually, and the per capita consumption of potato has increased by more than five kilogrammes in the last 14 years. However, only 35 percent of the requirement is produced locally.
Mahindra HZPC Aeroponics Facility promises top quality seed potatoes for Indian farmers
November 04, 2016
MHZPC, a 60:40 JV of Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited (MASL) and HZPC, today inaugurated its modern and state-of-the-art Aeroponic facility in Mohali. The new facility will produce the best of its kind seed potatoes by using an innovative process and latest technology.
Manual para la producción de semilla de papa usando aeroponía
August 30, 2016
Este manual describe y analiza las condiciones necesarias para implementar la aeroponía como alternativa para la producción de minitubérculos de papa; explica cómo se puede implementar la aeroponía y comparte las experiencias de Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y varios países africanos en el uso de la aeroponía.
Mini tubers growing along suspended stems as part of an experiment in aeroponic potato production at Cornell’s Uihlein Farm in Lake Placid.(Keith Perry)
January 08, 2014
The mashed potatoes or latkes that enhance your holiday feast have taken a long path from tuber to table – in many cases, several years. A project at Cornell University could trim that time.
 Tubérculos semilla de papa producidos por aeroponia
May 17, 2013
El INIAP y CIP realizarán la clausura del primer curso de aeroponia para la obtención de semillas de papa de calidad en el Ecuador. El evento se realizará el miércoles 22 de mayo, en la Estación Santa Catalina del INIAP, al sur de Quito.
Scientists work to save the Irish potato in Kabale, Uganda
March 24, 2013
The potato (Irish) that has fed the people of southwestern Uganda (Kabale) for generations is being threatened by several pests and diseases, including the potato bacterial wilt.