Jackson's Honest Potato Chips become semi-finalist in Intuit's Small Business Big Game Competition
October 30, 2013
Jackson's Honest Chips, a family-owned business making gluten-free potato chips with organic potatoes, organic coconut oil and sea salt has been named one of 20 semi-finalists in the Intuit Small Business Big Game competition.
 CDR Foodlab fat oil analyzer
September 25, 2013
Crystal Filtration has been awarded distribution rights to the full line of CDR FoodLab diagnostic equipment in the United States.
Fried in Avocado or Olive Oil: New Boulder Canyon Cut Ridged Potato Chips
September 05, 2013
To advance its position as one of the nation's premier natural snack food brands, Boulder Canyon™ Natural Foods has introduced two new varieties of its Canyon Cut line of kettle-cooked, ridged potato chips that appear in grocery stores this month.
fines from heat and control micron pro filtration
May 22, 2013
Heat and Control has introduced Micron-Pro, a new frying oil filtration system capable of removing sub-micron particles from hot cooking oil.
 KLM MD-11
March 09, 2013
La aerolínea holandesa KLM efectuará un vuelo semanal entre Nueva York y Amsterdam con este biocombustible.
Every meal high in saturated fats is bad for your arteries
November 07, 2012
A single meal high in saturated fat is detrimental to the health of the arteries, while no damage occurs after consuming a Mediterranean meal rich in good fats such as mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, according to researchers at the University of ...
 En 2009
September 18, 2012
La salud del corazón de millones de europeos aún se encuentra en riesgo debido al alto contenido de ácidos grasos trans de algunos alimentos rápidos y procesados. Aunque los niveles globales han disminuido, pocos países tienen una limitación legal en l...
Inventure Foods introduces Canyon Cut kettle fried ridged potato chips
June 11, 2012
Boulder Canyon™ Natural Foods, the fastest-growing kettle chip brand in the United States, introduces a Canyon Cut line of kettle cooked, ridged potato chips this month.
Debut at SNAXPO: Filsorb XP20 oil purifying product
March 16, 2012
Filsorb XP20, a new oil-purifying additive reduces operating costs and is now available to the North American snack food market. The patent-pending formula developed by Crystal Filtration has been proven to clean cooking oil and lower free fatty acids...
Cool Oil for Hot Profit
December 23, 2011
How much profit would one more hour of production give you? An Oil Cooler Module from Heat and Control, Inc. provides the answer by cutting up to an hour off the wait between production and sanitation for most any fryer.