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Potato may emerge as the knight with shining armour having potential to ensure global food security in today's’ fragile agri-food system: Indian Perspective

A hero role for potatoes in global food security? An Indian perspective

June 14, 2022
The global agri-food system has been struggling with a series of disruptions caused by various events including drastic climate variabilities, the global pandemic of Covid-19 outburst, and the recent among them is Russia-Ukraine war.
McDonald's Japan, Small Fries

Only small fries for McDonald's customers in Japan, as floods in Western Canada disrupt supply

December 23, 2021
Fans of McDonald's Fries in Japan are out of luck next week. The restaurant chain will only offers its small size portions, as flooding in Western Canada and COVID-19 disrupts the global supply chain for 'McDonald's potato'.
Frozen food processor Shandong Santao food trusts the Tomra 5b sorting equipment as 'the guardian' of its production line

Frozen food processor Shandong Santao food trusts the Tomra 5b sorting equipment as 'the guardian' of its production line

October 29, 2021
Shandong Santao Food Co., Ltd. is a large food enterprise that incorporates agricultural planting, livestock breeding, food processing, and international trade.
The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) seeks BDT 9 (USD 0.11) subsidy per kg of potato stored

The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) suggests a subsidy per kg of potato stored

October 04, 2021
The annual demand for potatoes in Bangladesh is about 9 million tons. The Bangladesh Cold Storage Association (BCSA) urged the government to provide a BDT 9 (USD 0.11) subsidy per kilogram of potato stored in various cold storages in the country.
A graphic demonstration of the team’s research (Courtesy: Cell)

Chinese scientists ’reinvent’ potatoes to solve global food crisis

July 14, 2021
Chinese scientists have 'fixed' hybrid potatoes using genome editing technologies, simplifying the breeding process and allowing multiplication using True Potato Seed (TPS).
China produce primera generación de papas híbridas a través de diseño de genoma.

China produce primera generación de papas híbridas a través de diseño de genoma

July 05, 2021
Un equipo de investigación del Instituto de Genómica Agrícola de Shenzhen, dependiente de la Academia China de Ciencias Agrícolas, avanza en un plan de diseño del genoma para papas híbridas.
McCain Foods Releases Its 2nd Global Sustainability Report 2020 - Together, Towards Planet-Friendly Food.

Impact of sustainability agenda McCain Foods in India

June 21, 2021
In line with the Global Sustainability Strategy and Commitments, McCain released its Global Sustainability Report with a focus on India, for the first time, to track progress across its sustainability pillars for the year 2020.
USAID’s Mission Director to Georgia, Peter Wiebler (left), makes a speech at the opening of the cold storage facility located at a new seed model farm in Akhalkalaki. Yurik Unanian (center), the Mayor of Akhalkalaki, and Nair Iritsian (right), the chair

Georgia Seed Potato Model Farm Officially Open

May 01, 2021
Dignitaries, researchers, and private sector representatives gathered this week in southwestern Georgia to celebrate the opening of a potato seed model farm.
Japanese potato chip Flavor Innovation: Sour

Mintel discusses Japanese potato chip Flavor Innovation

April 27, 2021
Looking at the Japanese snack market, Japanese potato chip products are a highly active category. Compared to Chinese potato chip products, Japanese potato chips are worth learning from in terms of flavor selection and dimensions.
The government of Pakistan plans to produce about 4.87 Mln Tons Potatoes and 2.220 Mln Tons Onions.

Pakistan plans to produce 4.87 Million Tons of Potatoes

November 12, 2020
The Government of Pakistan has set a target to produce about 4.871 million potatoes and 2.220 million tons of onions during Rabi Season 2020-21 in order to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as for export.


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