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IMA Record horizontal flow wrapping machine

Packaging equipment specialists Manter, IMA Ilapak Italia and IMA Record announce exclusive partnership.

December 03, 2023
Manter International, IMA Ilapak Italia, and IMA Record join forces to redefine Agricultural Fresh Produce packaging.
Agrico Ukraine and Ukrainian Institute of Potato Research Tackle Challenges in Ukraine's Seed Potato Industry

Agrico Ukraine and Ukrainian Institute of Potato Research Tackle Challenges of the Seed Potato Industry in the Country

November 30, 2023
After Potatodays in the Netherlands, Agrico Ukraine together with Ukrainian Institute of Potato Research initiated a round table to discuss challenges in seed potato production in Ukraine.
La siembra de patata avanza a buen ritmo en Baleares, pero se estanca en Cartagena

España: sequía afecta el cultivo de patatas

November 29, 2023
Una gran sequía azota a España. Las Islas Baleares son la región menos afectada, en el sur de la España continental la incertidumbre es total.
Red Potatoes

La papa en el mundo sobre el cierre del año

November 27, 2023
Una foto del mercado global de la papa de cara a circunstancias climáticas adversas en el hemisferio norte.
Harvesting potatoes under wet conditions with a self-propelled Dewulf harvester

Excessive rain delays potato harvest in North-western Europe, creating new uncertainties about the total production

November 27, 2023
Due to abundant rainfall, a lot of potatoes in North-western Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France) have not yet been harvested. The lifting period was too short to get the potatoes to the stores in good conditions.
Marcus Palmer, Manager Owner at MJP Supplies, Algifol at BP23

Biostimulant Field Trial Results Impress British Potato Visitors

November 27, 2023
A biostimulant brand that made its debut at this year's British Potato impressed show visitors with the results of three recent field trials.
Seedlings of Agris in the square

Solynta is planning to introduce Hybrid True Potato Seeds to Central Europe in partnership with Agris.

November 26, 2023
After several meetings and visits to each other, a powerful collaboration has emerged. The Hybrid True Potato Seeds from Solynta and the plant raising facilities and skills from Agris are turning out to be a golden combination.
Peter VanderZaag, President and CEO of WPC.

World Potato Congress Webinar: Fostering Potato Partnerships for Food Security

November 26, 2023
World Potato Congress Inc. is pleased to present the Webinar: "Declaration of Dublin and the World Potato Congress, Fostering Potato Partnerships for Food Security"
Whether it is snack bars, wafers, biscuits, crackers, or any variety of baked goods, the new Food Creation Center supports customers through the entire innovation and industrialization process.

Bühler boosts food innovation with new Application & Training Centers in Uzwil

November 23, 2023
Swiss technology group Bühler unveils its new food innovation hub in Uzwil, Switzerland, bringing together a diverse range of capabilities into a single location and setting a new stage for product and process development.
Dewulf Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

Potato harvester Enduro Generation 1 - It's a wrap! Generation 2 is here!

November 22, 2023
Dewulf's 4-row sieving harvester Enduro has become more than an established player in the self-propelled harvester landscape in recent years.


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