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Sowing in the Southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires

Relevaron siembra de papa en el Sudeste de Buenos Aires

April 03, 2023
La Federación Nacional de Productores de Papas informó que se sembraron en el Sudeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires 32.724 has. durante la campaña 2023.
Strip Cropping

Sustainable and yet highly productive agriculture

April 03, 2023
The Netherlands is committed to developing a sustainable and highly productive food system, with less use of fertilisers, water and pesticides, and more biodiversity and crop diversity.
Beeld: ©Chart by Netherlands Embassy

Indo-Dutch Companies Offer Solutions to Help Indian Farmers Struggling with Low Potato and Onion Prices

April 02, 2023
(Indo-)Dutch companies providing solutions from planting material to processing equipment believe there are ways to establish more sustainable value chains, with the help of their technologies.
Potato crops in Peru

Perú: Cultivos de papa en la sierra sur oriental y el Altiplano afectados por escasas lluvias

March 31, 2023
Un informe realizado por Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú (Senamhi) indica que durante este mes de marzo, en la sierra sur oriental y el altiplano, hay una disminución del crecimiento vegetativo de las plantaciones de papa y quinoa.
Almacén de patatas de la cooperativa Santa Isabel

España: Buenos precios para la patata, malos tiempos para las exportaciones

March 29, 2023
La cooperativa burgalesa Santa Isabel se guarda el 60 por-ciento de la producción con destino a Argelia por «miedo a no cobrar» debido al bloqueo comercial a España.
Gareth inspecting the plots

FMC trials show great promise for future of weed control

March 29, 2023
With weed control a key challenge for farmers, and reduced sensitivity to some herbicides a continuing problem. New product trials by FMC have demonstrated that effective controls are on the horizon.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
The potato breeder LIND joins Europatat

Polish potato breeder LIND joins Europatat

March 28, 2023
Europatat warmly welcomes the Polish company LIND, which was established in 1996 as an investment of a Scottish family-run agricultural business with generations experience in the production of high-grade seed potatoes – J&WF Lind
From the left: Conen Henreyer ( Agro Potato Services Africa), Steve Carlyon (President Simplifine), Dr Kiarie Moses N. Badilisha ( Nyandarua County Governor) and Esther Kariuki ( Head of Agri Cooperative at Co-op Bank) displaying an MOU after signing on March 7, 2023.

Kenya Potato Consortium to lay groundwork for local value chain

March 28, 2023
It may be recalled how shocked Kenyans were when reports began filtering in the media last year January 2022 that the multinational food giant KFC has run out of ‘fries’ for customers following the non-delivery of potatoes from their overseas suppliers.
Potatoes in the field

Pakistan and Korea Collaborate on Aeroponic Technology for Seed Potato Production to Reduce Import Costs

March 27, 2023
Pakistan and Republic of Korea are working jointly on seed potato production through Aeroponics technology and 2nd generation crop is ready to harvest at PARC-National Agricultural Research Centre Islamabad.
Patata Temprana en Mallorca

La última borrasca provoca la pérdida de más de la mitad de la patata temprana en Mallorca

March 26, 2023
Se calcula que, como consecuencia del paso de la borrasca Juliette, las pérdidas en patata temprana en Mallorca ascienden a más de la mitad de la cosecha.


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