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Potatoes in Retail

Potatoes in Retail

Bob Evans Farms introduces fresh, never-frozen, pre-cooked potato wedges: 'Steamables'
Bob Evans Farms launched a new 'Steamables' line with three varieties of fresh, never frozen, pre-cooked potato wedges: Sea Salt Red Potato Wedges , Steak House Red Potato Wedges, and Garlic Red Potato Wedges.
The Ruggiero company inaugurates two new plants
Angelo Ruggiero is the marketing manager of the Ruggiero group an Italian packer of potatoes and onions. He is a potato and onion specialist and he shared some observations.
Chefs que revalorizan la cocina de producto
Para brindar el mayor bienestar con sus ingredientes, contar historias del viñedo o estimular el mapa neuronal, los cocineros de alta gastronomía exploran en su entorno.
Monday, January 28, 2019
W.P. Griffin launches Potato Cuisine Microwaveable Mini Potatoes with Spices from around the World
Potato company W.P. Griffin Inc. is launching 'Potato Cuisine' Microwaveable Mini Potatoes with selected spices from around the world: quick and convenient potato trays that take only 6 minutes to prepare in the microwave.
Tenerife lleva a 'Madrid Fusión' su mejor gastronomía
La isla de Tenerife (España) acudió a este congreso que se realiza anualmente y mostró la originalidad y calidad de su cocina. Fue representada por los principales productos de su gastronomía y la calidad de sus cocineros.
Monday, January 21, 2019
Tasteful Selections promotes wellness with new, yearlong Small-Bite Campaign
Great things can come in small bites, which is why Tasteful Selections®, in partnership with RPE Inc., is launching their Small-Bite Campaign.
Growth in potato market welcomed
The size of Northern Ireland’s retail potato market value has increased by 2.2%, or £1.0m, for the 12 months ending November 30th 2018.
United Kingdom Potato Sales up to 2.2 million tonnes
Shoppers in the United Kingdom bought 1.4 per cent more fresh potatoes this year compared to last year and 3 per cent more than in 2015, new data shows.