McDonald's Menu Items from around the World now available in Chicago
April 25, 2018
McDonald’s announced it’s serving up menu favorites from around the world in a one-of-a-kind global inspired restaurant on the ground floor of its new corporate headquarters, open today.
Papa asada rellena, el plato fuerte de un restaurante en Madrid
April 16, 2018
Se trata de Habemus Papa, un pequeño local de la capital española, fruto del esfuerzo y el empeño de un grupo de emprendedores liderados por Priscilla Cano.
Soon in your grocery store: Taco Bell Tortilla Chips
March 24, 2018
Starting in May, Taco Bell tortilla chips are rolling out to grocery and convenience stores in the United States.
McDonalds commits to targets for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
March 21, 2018
QSR chain McDonald’s has announced it will partner with franchisees and suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to McDonald’s restaurants and offices by 36% by 2030 from a 2015 base year in a new strategy to address global climate change.
Lamb Weston's Seashore™ French Fry Flavor now available in a great tasting Potato Puff
March 18, 2018
On April 2, Lamb Weston will introduce the Seashore Puff™, a Potato Puff with the same distinct flavor (Sea-salt, Black Pepper and Garlic) as Lamb Weston's Seashore™ Fries, that have been growing in popularity in the fry category.
Nacho Fries bestselling product launch in Taco Bell History
March 15, 2018
Last Tuesday, Taco Bell said its limited-time Nacho Fries have been crowned the company’s most successful new menu item ever.
7-Eleven adds Potato Tots to its Snacks - TOPPED Potato Tots
March 15, 2018
Convenience Store Chain 7-Eleven adds potato tots to its hot snacks. The new 7‑Eleven Tots can be customized with toppings from 7‑ Eleven’s condiment and toppings bar - previously used to top nachos and Big Bite® hot dogs
MacFry Academy opens its doors to UK Potato Growers
March 12, 2018
The potato growers supplying McDonald’s in the United Kingdom can get a free agronomy skills training to improve crop performance and quality with the launch of the MacFry Potato Academy.
Idaho Potato Crop of 2017 valued at $1.2 billion, a 22.7% increase!
March 06, 2018
The USDA reported the preliminary estimated value for the Idaho® Potato crop of 2017 at USD 1.2 billion, a 22.7% leap from the previous year.
Lamb Weston introduces 'Crispy on Delivery': a comprehensive solution concept: special french fries, packaging and best practices - combined to get
February 20, 2018
Today Lamb Weston introduced a solution for french fries that arrive hot and crispy via home delivery – new 'Crispy on Delivery' is a comprehensive solution that goes from store to door.