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The patchwork quilt of farm fields near Breadalbane.

PEI Potato Board: Acreage of cover crops before potatoes has doubled

May 22, 2023
New numbers from the P.E.I. Potato Board show that on Prince Edward Island the acreage of cover crops grown before potatoes has doubled.
Potato field rows with green bushes

Potato-LITE: Delivering novel, sustainable cultivation approaches to minimise tillage intensity throughout the UK

May 15, 2023
Defra and UKRI, as part of the Farming Innovation Programme, recently announced funding for 'Potato-LITE' – a multimillion pound project over four years
McCain Farm of the Future Africa

Better Potatoes, Better Planet: McCain Farm of the Future Africa set to transform potato farming in South Africa

April 27, 2023
McCain Foods Limited, one of South Africa’s leading frozen food manufacturers, has officially opened its Farm of the Future Africa in Lichtenburg, North West, the second of three locations planned by 2025.
Frito-Lay Expedites 2040 Net-Zero Emissions Goal with Over 700 Electric Delivery Vehicles

Frito-Lay to Deploy 700 Electric Vehicles in the United States by the end of this year

April 23, 2023
This Earth Month, Frito-Lay announced it will deploy over 700 electric delivery vehicles in the United States by the end of 2023.
Strip Cropping

Sustainable and yet highly productive agriculture

April 03, 2023
The Netherlands is committed to developing a sustainable and highly productive food system, with less use of fertilisers, water and pesticides, and more biodiversity and crop diversity.
David Newton

Top tips to build better soil health

March 05, 2023
Tips to improve soil health from David Newton of Timac Agro for farmers in England to help them meet the new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) ‘arable soils’ standard.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Regenerative Agriculture

PepsiCo invests USD 216 Million in partnerships with US Farmer Organizations to Support Regenerative Agriculture

March 03, 2023
PepsiCo announced a USD 216 million multi-year investment in long-term, strategic partnership agreements with three of the most well-respected farmer-facing organizations
Agtech: Breaking down the farmer adoption dilemma

Agtech: Breaking down the farmer adoption dilemma

February 14, 2023
Agriculture technology (Agtech) has an adoption challenge. There are multiple barriers to introduction and scaling from an industry perspective. An analysis by McKinsey.
Moving Forward with the Next Generation on Regen Ag

Moving Forward with the Next Generation on Regenerative Agriculture

November 25, 2022
Alyre Poitras is a McCain Foods potato grower in Saint-André, New Brunswick, Canada. He shares his experience with regenerative agriculture and the changes in potato cultivation over time
Nadinger Singh, a grower for PepsiCo

PepsiCo funds another 14 projects as part of its Global Agriculture Accelerator, The Positive Agriculture Outcomes Fund

November 05, 2022
PepsiCo granted 14 business projects funding as part of its global agriculture accelerator, the Positive Agriculture Outcomes (PAO) Fund. The funded projects focus on the key challenges in agriculture today.


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