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  • McCain Foods has launched a new podcast, the 'Hot Potato', stressing the importance of regenerative agriculture
McCain the Hot Potato Podcast

McCain the Hot Potato Podcast

September 26, 2023
Potato processor McCain Foods has launched a new podcast, 'Hot Potato'. This inspirational new series is designed to tackle the topic of regenerative agriculture in an accessible way, allowing audiences to learn more about the future of the food industry, why they need to transition to sustainable farming, and how collaboration is key to helping mitigate against climate change.

McCain hopes that this new podcast will not only highlight the important topics, challenges, and discussions surrounding regenerative agriculture but also inspire listeners to take a deeper dive into what the future of farming looks like for all of them as a global community.

Max Koeune, President and CEO of McCain Foods Limited:
"It’s inspiring to hear from our wonderful array of guests, including some of McCain’s very own experts, on the work already taking place – providing an encouraging outlook for the agriculture community. I encourage you to listen to the first Hot Potato episode by visiting your favourite podcast platform."
Listen to episode one and keep an eye out for news of our very special second episode!
(Click picture to watch video)
McCain Hot Potato Podcast

McCain Hot Potato Podcast (Video impression of 'the making of')