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In 1984 Lamb Weston expanded its offering with CrissCut Fries, a unique specialty cut with great plate coverage and higher profit potential.

Lamb Weston CrissCut Fries

Lamb Weston - Richland (Washington) is one of Lamb Weston's Potato Processing plants.

The Richland plant, built in 1972 by Pride Pak Foods, became part of Lamb Weston in 1978.

The Richland plant has earned ENERGY STAR certification annually since 2010.

A new french fry line addition is expected to add 300 million pounds annual french fry production capacity to the facility by the end of 2017.

Lamb Weston’s Richland facility employs approximately 500 people (2016) and the french fry line addition is expected to add an estimated 128 positions.

Aerial view of the Lamb Weston potato processing facilities in Richland, Washington (Courtesy: Lamb Weston)

Lamb Weston Holdings Inc (NYSE:LW) is the largest potato company in North America with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. Lamb Weston manufactures french fries, potato specialties and dehydrated potato products.

The french fry manufacturer was part of Conagra Foods, Inc, but was spinned-off as an independent public company on November 10, 2016.

Lamb Weston holds equity interests in three potato processing joint ventures, including 49.99% of Lamb Weston BSW, LLC and 50% of Lamb-Weston/RDO Frozen and Lamb-Weston/Meijer v.o.f.
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