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Axium Foods

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Axium Foods is a US manufacturer of corn-based salty snacks, mainly sold under private label. Axium Foods also markets their snack using their own brand name Pajedas, Fiesta Crunch and Mystic Harvest.

Axium Foods is a subsidiary of McCleary Inc.
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News for this Company

 Axium Foods
April 16, 2013

Axium Foods, Inc. Unveils New Corporate Logo

Corn Snack Manufacturer Axium Foods, Inc. has officially launched its new corporate logo.
 Axium Foods (Pajeda's)
November 20, 2008

Axium Foods pushes its own snack food label: Pajeda's

Axium Foods, based in South Beloit, Ill., is a division of McCleary Inc., which for nearly 50 years has been making snack foods sold under store labels or by other companies.Axium is making a push into the market with its own snack foods label: Pajeda'...