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Barbarie SAS

Barbarie SAS, is specialized in manufacturing storage boxes, bins and reusable pallets (so called heavy pallets).

30 000 m3 of wood are transformed every year in the plant of La Chapelle Faucher.

Barbarie SAS is the leading european manufacturer of storage boxes and bins for the storage of potatoes, carrots, onions, other vegetables and fruits.

We have a high production capacity. The manufacturing of our boxes is centered on quality, robustness and respect of our commitments.

J.P Marquet SAS is specialized in manufacturing pallets and one way pallets of all kinds.

The production starts with the integrated sawmill up to the several automated assembling lines for all types of pallets.

1.900 truck loads with pallets leave our factory in Quinsac every year.

We mainly use pine wood grown in the biggest forest of Europe, recognized for its longevity and sturdyness.

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Barbarie SAS
  • 24530 La Chapelle-Faucher

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