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H.F. Stewart

Potato Cultivation

H.F Stewart & Sons is a family business that has been in operation in Prince Edward Island since 1989 and, since then, we have become experts in conveyor systems. With this knowledge, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality products that require minimal maintenance.

Located in the rural community of West Point, Prince Edward Island, we are way off the beaten path, but some of the greatest sights in the world are on the road less travelled. The same goes for potato handling equipment. At H.F Stewart we believe in building high-quality products that get the job done.

We are in business to serve our families, community, and customers in an efficient and reliable manner and seeing how we are located in Canada’s largest potato-producing province; we build products to serve the potato industry. Specifically, potato handling equipment because nobody wants to hand bomb potatoes again, especially if they have to carry them uphill both ways like our parents tell us they used to do.

All of our products are based around conveyor systems whether it be to transport them from the farm to the processor, grade them within the warehouse or simply getting them from the field, and back to the farm, we have a product that will get the job done.

Our Products Include: Van Trailer Inserts, Bulk Boxes, Bin Pilers, Conveyors, and much more!

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