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IESM is a conveyor systems manufacturer based out of Idaho.

We view ourselves as an equipment solution agency, if you will. IESM functions as a highly structured, amalgamation of specialists; included on our team are project managers, designers, engineers, fabricators, certified welders, machinists, installers and so on. When you approach us with a project, you will discover package value through one point of contact.

Our goal is to learn as much as we can about your company whan we meet: your products, challenges and processes. We collaborate, and head to the drawing board where ideas take shape.

With design in place, your project is moved into fabrication. Here, our design software communicates with fabrication equipment. Parts are cut, milled, machined, and prepared for assembly. Skilled craftsmen form, weld, and construct your equipment and prepare for shipment.

Fabricated equipment arrives on site and installation crews assemble. Machinery is set in place and fine-tuned for operation. We don't just pack up the tools and wish you the best. We keep communication open and invited. Your investment deserves no less.

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