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Novidon B.V.

Novidon is innovative and entrepreneurial with potato starch. We extract the value of sidestream potato starch and produce new products, services and applications. This gives us a unique position in the world for our suppliers and customers. With our products we compete with starch which is processed in a traditional way from the whole potato.

When potatoes are processed into French fries and crisps, starch is released into the process water. With starch recovery machines, Novidon maximizes the recovery of sidestream starch during this process. Sidestream starch is collected and transported to one of our factories in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom. The sidestream starch is refined into both technical grade and food grade starch for applications in different industries.

With sidestream starch recovery Novidon realizes economical profit for the potato processing industry. There will be significant cost reduction for wastewater and the production process will be more efficient due to many time savings for cleaning. No black spots will appear on the end product and product quality will improve.

Sidestream starch recovery is very sustainable because there will be reuse of cleaned water as process or wash water. Novidon creates new value for sidestream starch by processing starch into new products. Native and modified potato starches for various applications in different industries like food, pet food, biobased packaging, paper converting, tube winding, drilling and mining.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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