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Tom Brooijmans New Business Manager at Novidon

Tom Brooijmans New Business Manager at Novidonr

Tom Brooijmans New Business Manager at Novidon

November 20, 2019
Earlier this year, Tom Brooijmans started working as New Business Manager at Novidon. In this new role Tom will work on new business development projects and new innovative products.

Tom was already active in new business development at Royal Cosun. He has lots of experience in this field and always realizes a good balance between the market, technical application, product quality and production.

All these aspects are required to develop a successful business case.

Novidon continuously works towards higher level of product development. With this new position Novidon will be able to create more innovative products for high-end applications. Innovation is key for our business and keeps us ahead of the market.
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Novidon is managing sidestream starch recovery at the European potato processing industry. The starch is extracted from the process water and refined and produced into both technical grade and food grade starch in one of the factories in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom.