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Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn, Indiana's mission is to make the best tasting better-for-you snacks on the planet.

We have our own facility, filled with honest-to-goodness corn that is specifically grown for popping. We have special kettles that are filled, by hand, one scoop at a time, by real people, who are carefully producing, oh-so-lovingly, the greatest popcorn you’ve ever had.

Popcorn, Indiana is a real place. It's a small town, in the heart of corn country. Population 42. And yet, somehow it's more than just a town. It's a time, a philosophy, a way of life. Honest, just like the popcorn that bears its name. Popcorn, Indiana – tender pieces of joy made for you and your family.

The maker of America's #1 Kettlecorn offers a broad range of adventurous flavors for any palate. In addition to Popcorn, Indiana sweet & salty Kettlecorn, the brand offers Sea Salt, Aged White Cheddar, Movie Theater, Chicago Style Caramel & Cheese and Smoky Queso. For those looking for a bit of indulgence, Popcorn, Indiana has a range of decadent Drizzlecorn® flavors including Black & White and Dark Fudge Sea Salt Caramel.

All Popcorn, Indiana products are made from non-GMO corn and contain whole grains. Popcorn, Indiana snacks are available at national, regional and local retailers across the U.S. and Canada. We Live for Popcorn™.

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Popcorn, Indiana
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