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Western Australian Seed Potato Producers

Western Australian Seed Potato Producers, better known as WASPP, are committed to ensuring that the WA-certified seed potato scheme and the WA-registered seed potato scheme are structured and administered in such a way as to consistently supply the best quality seed potatoes possible. ​

WASPP is the organization that:
  • Represents seed potato growers.
  • Liaises with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) continually updating and improving the WA seed potato scheme.
  • Facilitates training in all aspects of seed potato production in WA particularly focusing on virus detection and identification.
  • Fully supports the G2 Survey.
  • Works with industry and Government to maintain and improve biosecurity in the WA potato industry.
  • Has commercial potato producer representation to ensure a balanced approach.
  • Has input into research and development projects undertaken in Western Australia.
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