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Cameroon planning to triple potato production in 2016

In 2014 these farmers in Cameroon received free seed potatoes, also intended to bring potato production to a higher level.

In the African country of Cameroon, the Delegate Minister of the Minister of Economy, Yaouba Abdoulaye, officially launched on 5th and 6th August 2015 two new agricultural plants or agropoles for the production, processing and sale of potatoes and pineapples respectively in Mbouda in the West region and Nlowé in the Coastal region.

Worth a total of 2.8 billion FCFA, one billion of which was provided by the agropole programme led by the Economy Ministry, “the agropole for the potato seed production, farming and processing in the West,” located in Mbouda, will help to move from a current production of 14,840 tonnes of potatoes per annum to 46,800 tonnes by 2016. A portion of this production is expected to be processed on site, while the remainder will be sold in major Cameroonian towns and cities and even in neighbouring countries.

In Nlowé, located close to Manjo in the Coastal region, an “agropole for the farming, processing and sale of pineapples” was launched on 6th August 2015. Promoters and the government invested 1.9 billion FCFA to produce and process (fruit juice) 30,000 tonnes of pineapple over the next three years.