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Farm Frites plans potato processing facility in Mar del Plata, Argentina

A potato field near Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Marzo 28, 2017

Earlier this month, Farm Frites has proposed a plan to establish a potato processing facility in Mar del Plata, Argentina with an annual capacity of 70.000 tonnes of finished product.

Most of the product is expected to be exported to Brasil through the Port of Mar del Plata. For the city Mar del Plata - better known for its beaches than for its industry - the arrival of a multinational company like Farm Frites to its Industrial area at a time of high unemployment is very good news.

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Mar del Plata, Argentina - better known for its beaches than for its industry

Mar del Plata, Argentina - better known for its beaches than for its industry

The production of frozen french fries by Farm Frites is expected to directly generate employment for 200 people. Given the fact that the production of 70.000 tonnes of frozen french fries requires fresh potatoes in the order of 140.000 tonnes - equivalent to about 7% of the entire potato production of Argentina - it is clear that there will be a significant spin-off for the agricultural area around Mar del Plata as well.

Inacio Noel spoke on behalf of Farm Frites with the mayor of Mar del Plata Carlos Arroyo and aditional city officials where the proposal was presented. Noel said that the plant to be located in the Industrial Park will have the possibility of producing 70 thousand tons of finished product, which implies the use of 140 thousand tons of fresh potatoes , which will be obtained from the agricultural area of Mar del Plata and the region.

Inacio Noel:

"That amount is equivalent to 7% of the national production to which value is added and will be exported practically 100% through the Port of Mar del Plata, with an impact in terms of containers between 2500 and 3000 containers per year."


Mar del Plata Industrial Parc

Mar del Plata Industrial Parc

As for jobs, the employer indicated that they directly estimate to hire 200 people. But he also said that it will have an indirect "big impact", given that they will receive potato trucks, suppliers, maintenance, external services, among other items that will benefit from the establishment of this new industry to the city.

Noel explained that Farm Frites has plants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Egypt, China and Kazachstan (planned). Mar del Plata has the infrastructure, is close to a good source of raw materials and it has the Port, the businessman said, who also highlighted the attention they received when they met with the mayor and the area officials.

The Mayor meanwhile stressed the importance of the announcement and said that the venture will be "a fundamental investment for the city."

Carlos Arroyo, Mayor Mar del Plata:




“We are talking work for 200 people or more.”

“We are talking about an operation that exports our primary materials to the world.”

The President of the Port Administration, Martin Merlini, stressed that the export of the frozen products "obviously increase the port's operational capacity and generates a lot of work."