HZPC Potato Days 2022: No Time To Waste for future-proof potato growing

HZPC Potato Days 2022

Potato Days 2022: No Time To Waste for future-proof potato growing

Octubre 31, 2022
On 9, 10 and 11 November, HZPC will open its doors in Joure – and online – to anyone with a passion for potatoes. During Potato Days 2022, they will discuss the challenges of food security and sustainability, now and in the future.

And they will also discuss how they as a potato sector can make an important contribution together. They are therefore proud to introduce you to their most promising varieties and innovations.

Healthy food and a healthy planet

The world faces major challenges. Sustainability principles are striving to take priority. How can HZPC, together with its partners, contribute to healthy food and a healthy planet?

During the online opening of Potato Days 2022 on Wednesday 9 November, host Annemarie van Campen and Gerard Backx (CEO of HZPC) invite their inspiring guests to share their vision on this subject.

No Time To Waste

They need to work together across the sector to find solutions for the future. After all, in the fight against hunger and climate change, there is no time to waste. This is the common theme of the diverse and engaging programme for the opening.

There is also a keynote by Katrien Descheemaeker, Professor of Plant Production Systems at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), and a panel discussion with Andries Middag (CEO Vavi), Elisabete Coutinho (packer at CALCOB in Portugal) and Robert Graveland (director HZPC Research) on the topic of drought and how they can face it together.

HZPC takes the lead

HZPC wants to take the lead when it comes to making potato and seed potato cultivation more sustainable. During Potato Days 2022, there will be a lot of focus on the new potato varieties developed by HZPC.

In the opening show, Michiel ten Duis (marketing manager at HZPC) will introduce everyone to the superpowers of the sustainable varieties Camelia and Quintera. On Thursday 10 and 11 November you are welcome to visit the HZPC head office in Joure to see, feel and taste for yourself how HZPC wants to contribute to a more sustainable world with sustainable varieties.

Want to join them online or visit them in Joure during Potato Days 2022?

Everyone is welcome. Wherever you are in the world, go online on 9 November to discover information and be inspired from the comfort of your own chair.

9 November | Online event | 5.30 PM CET

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