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    Goodbye British Potato Council, hello Potato Council Limited

    Everything you value about the British Potato Council (BPC) and the activities it has supported on behalf of levy-payers will continue. That’s the pledge from Potato Council Limited, the new sector company that took over the reins from the BPC on April 1.

    As well as retaining valuable current services, Potato Council is on a driveto find out from levy-payers how the new levy body structure can deliver even better value for money from funds collected and future priorities for the potato industry.

    There’s a new board that has taken over responsibilities from the old Council. Its new acting chairman, Dennis Heywood, is keen to stress to growers, packers and processors and others in the potato industry that its first priority will be to maintain the research, marketing and other activities to the same high calibre.

    “The BPC has done a good job, so currently it’s very much business as usual – Potato Council staff are here to work with levy-payers to deliver the activities and services they value,” says Mr Heywood. The business plan for the next twelve months is already being delivered. “Levy collection will be unchanged – all funds collected from the potato industry are ring-fenced and will be spent within the potato sector.”