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New Cargill Innovation center focuses on snacks and cereals

 Cargill Innovation Center for snacks and cereals
July 9, 2008
Cargill has opened a new innovation center for snack and cereal products which it says will help food manufacturers create new products that drive sales growth.
The agro-giant's Snacks and Cereal Product Innovation Center in Minneapolis, which is now open, allows customers to make use of Cargill's culinary experts, food scientists and engineers on a wide range of new product initiatives.
Luis Rayas, the center's technical director, said: "The new facility unites Cargill's product formulation and pilot plant scale-up capabilities under one roof, enabling the company to help customers accelerate new product development and testing and increase speed to market."

The centre's product manufacturing capabilities include puffed snacks and cereals, extruded flakes and snacks, coating of snacks and cereal components, granola and clusters, protein, nutritional, fruit and granola bars, including double-layer combinations.
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To the snack industry and for the preparation of french fries, Cargill supplies Frying Oils and a range of Ingredients, including texturizers, flavor systems and salt. Frying oil brands include Clear Valley and eLitra high oleic canola oils.