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New Scottish kettle crisps Brand: Mackies at Taypack

July 21, 2009
Ice cream giants Mackies and Perthshire potato company Taypack are defying the recession to create Scotland's newest brand of crisps.

Mackies at Taypack have invested £1.6 million in state of the art technology and have created 15 jobs.

George Taylor of Taypack said: "We've put in equipment that uses a unique process. It hasn't actually been used before in the UK.

We are trying to produce kettle or batch fried-style crisps - a crunchier type of crisp but we're using thermal oil heating to do that which is a gentler cooking process."

Ten tonnes of potatoes will be sliced and cooked into crisps every day to make the six flavours.

The crisps go on sale in Tesco stores from Tuesday.
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Mackie's crisps are made in Scotland with locally farmed potatoes & natural flavourings, cooked to perfection using their unique cooking process. Mackie's of Scotland also manufactures ice cream