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     Phiul Lempert Supermarket Guru
    Portion sizes give consumers the ok, they demonstrate the “norm”, the accepted amount that most people are eating or are “supposed” to eat.  This may not be intentional - like the larger portion sizes better value message- but many restaurants, especially fast food eateries, subliminally encourage customers to overeat. 
    The latest message that our favorite fast food eateries is sending out is that it’s ok to snack on smaller sized, possibly even more appropriate meal sized portions.  Chains like Burger King, with the “BK Burger Shots” (which since their 2009 début has been discontinued) McDonalds Big Mac Snack Wraps, Quiznos smaller ‘Sammie’ wrap, and now Dairy Queen is taking a chance with smaller, snack-sized portions of a menu favorite.
    CPG manufacturers should heed this fast food trend, and offer smaller versions of popular entrees- marketed as smaller portions and priced appropriately rather than snacks or entrees for dieters. CPGs and restaurants should come clean and be realistic about appropriate portion sizes and clear labeling.