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Japanese companies save time and money with US Dehydrated potatoes

 USOB: Goodness Unearthed
June 30, 2010
Where Japanese companies are trying to gain a competitive advantage, dehy fits in nicely as the economic climate changes! Fewer people are eating out in Japan, opting instead to shop in delis and supermarkets more. Approximately 50 participants from supermarkets and food manufacturers attended the USPB Dehy Seminar, featuring menu tips to overcome the economic recession. Center stage of this discussion? US Dehydrated potatoes, of course!

Chief Editor of Uona cooking magazine and author of books including “Hiroyoshi Hayashi’s Dollar Recipes” and “The Delicatessen Textbook”, Mr. Hayashi presented how dehydrated potatoes could help these organizations with offerings of a high quality, cost effective product. The versatility, along with the other benefits of dehy, was shown through a live demonstration. Immediately following the seminar, participants were able to taste test recipes appropriate for this sector such as:

8 Chicken Meatballs: Dehy acts as an extender improving yield
9 Croquettes with Assorted Vegetables: Dehy saves labor costs and time
IMG_0750 Potato Salad: Dehy saves labor costs and preparation time, as well as improves consistency of the product
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