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BFFF publishes frozen food report: 'British Frozen Food Industry – A Food Vision'

 British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF)
January 11, 2011

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) published the report "British Frozen Food Industry – A Food Vision", conducted by Sheffield Hallam University and Refrigeration Developments &Testing Ltd., and includes a foreword by Austin Mitchell MP, Great Grimsby. 

The report highlights how frozen foods can strongly contribute towards Defra’s vision of a ‘healthy, sustainable and secure food supply’.

The report concludes frozen offers;high quality, good value food, with a first-rate safety record;a nutritional profile comparable to ‘fresh’, in a format that would help to control portion sizes;and environmental benefits - including the ability to reduce food waste and preserve seasonal products for all-year-round use.

Over four chapters and reviewing nearly 120 academic papers British Frozen Food Industry – A Food Vision covers:

  • The value, profiles, attitudes and future projections of the retail and foodservice frozen food market (Frozen Food Market chapter);
  • The history of frozen food, why we freeze food, freezing technologies and refrigeration systems, food quality and storage life, plus new approaches to freezing (Frozen Technology &Quality chapter);
  • The sustainability, GHG emission reduction, waste reduction and knowledge transfer opportunities (Sustainability &Social Responsibility chapter);and,
  • Nutrient deterioration, contribution to dietary intakes, vitamins, cartenoids and folate (Nutrition chapter).
It is essential reading for anyone new to the frozen food industry.
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