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Colorado Potato Administrative Committee promotes Heart Health

 Colorado Potato Heart Healthy Sweepstake
May 25, 2011
The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) is marketing Colorado Potatoes in Denver with banner ads on KOA 850 AM, the “Home of the Rockies” and “Home of the Broncos”.

The big part of the buy is a commercial airing during Rockies games using a Rockies announcer to talk about the heart healthy benefits of potatoes.

Below you can see the banners that are being used.

Colorado Potatoes keep your Heart Healthy

Colorado Potato Heart Health Campaign
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The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) was founded in 1941 with the key goal of organizing the then more than 175 Colorado Potato Growers and Colorado Potato Shippers throughout Colorado under a common purpose and industry.