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    Gold Dust Potato Processors and Walker Brothers farm held their 11th annual Open House and Field Day on Tuesday, August 23rd. Held every year towards the end of August, the Open House Field Day gives Gold Dust’s customers and vendors an opportunity to visit the Klamath Basin and see their facilities and fields before chipping potato harvest.

    The day began with breakfast at Pappy Ganders restaurant in Merrill and a presentation by Tricia Hill and Weston Walker. After a presentation by Greg Addington, Executive Director of the Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), about the status of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, guests were taken to the fields and then the Malin packing shed. Along with the fields and processing plant, Gold Dust took the opportunity to show their visitors solar stations that were installed as a part of their Solar Power Initiative.

    “We feel really honored that so many people took time from their busy schedules and traveled out here to see us and can’t thank them enough, ” said Tricia Hill, Financial Controller for Gold Dust. “We’re proud of what we’re doing here and are happy to have the opportunity to show our solar projects, our shed and fields to the people we do business with .”

    Following a sack lunch at the packing shed, Gold Dust and Walker Brothers hosted a friendly golf tournament at the Running Y Resort. Dinner and awards followed.

    Guests included representatives from Frito-Lay, Rabo Bank, Choice Financial and PD Sproule Farms as well as local business such as Basin Fertilizer, Rajnus Potatoes and Heaton Farms. Some visitors traveled from as far away as Texas and Minnesota. Gold Dust estimates 40 guests were in attendance.

    Open House and Field day at Gold Dust Potato Processors and Walker Brothers farm