TOMRA Sorting Solutions – ODENBERG and BEST
    ODENBERG and BEST, part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, will showcase different systems from their market-leading Halo and Genius range of sensor-based optical sorters. The newly formed company also hosts the world premiere of the new FPS;Field Potato Sorter at this year’s Interpom-Primeurs.

    The FPS;Field Potato Sorter is our first offering into the unwashed potato market. The machine uses unique multi spectral near infra-red technology to remove soil clods, stones and rotten potatoes, in addition to the foreign material commonly found in fields from freshly harvested potatoes. The machine can be applied to different types of unwashed potatoes, Havested White, Harvested Brown, Harvested Redskin, etc…

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    Odenberg FPS Field Potato Sorter

    Replacing difficult-to-recruit human labour currently needed to clean up the product stream going into storage, the Field Potato Sorter is compact and available in various widths, to suit typical sorting capacity requirements of up to 80,000 kgs/hr. It is also robust, weather-proof and easy for farm workers to operate.

    The sorter is designed to fit existing grading equipment or be used as a standalone unit and can operate on harvested potato crop before and after storage. The system also provides online potato size data for logging, plus sorter operating information.

    By installing this machine, potato processing and harvesting companies will be able to significantly reduce labour and storage costs, improve the product quality and increase yield.

    Source: TOMRA Sorting Solutions – ODENBERG and BEST