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    Space-saving vacuum fryer minimizes acrylamide formation in savory snacks
    Equipment manufacturer Heat and Control presents the savory snack industry with a new version of the vacuum fryer. They call it the Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF)

    Until now, vacuum fryers had to operate inside an external vacuum chamber, requiring excessive floor space and regular removal for cleaning and maintenance.

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    Heat and Control's Unitized Vacuum Fryer

    Now, Heat and Control’s revolutionary Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF) creates its own vacuum internally and requires no external chamber. Operating at 10% or less of normal atmospheric pressure, the UVF fries potatoes, apples, yams, and other high-sugar snack products without browning.

    The Unitized Vacuum Fryer looks and operates like a traditional fryer.

    This vacuum fryer also presents a solution to the problem of acrylamide formation. Because water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum, frying oil temperature can be kept below the 248 degrees F point (120 C) at which acrylamide forms.