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Heat and Control - Unitized Vacuum Fryer

Get the benefits of vacuum frying without the complexity of an external vacuum chamber. Like our other continuous fryers, the Unitized Vacuum Fryer is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance without the hazardous, labor-intensive job of moving it in and out of a vacuum chamber.

Constant improvement and engineering innovations mean these features can change without notice.

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  • Illuminated inspection windows
  • Continuous oil filtration
  • Automatic oil level control
  • Clean-in-place system
  • Single exhaust stack with Oil Mist Eliminator
  • PLC-controlled operation of product feed, fryer operation, and clean-in-place system
  • Motorized screw jack hood/conveyor hoist
  • Stainless steel construction
Product Specifications
  • Vacuum is maintained inside the sealed hood and pan assembly
  • Operates at 10% or less of normal atmospheric pressure, so moisture boils off at a lower temperature
  • Fry snacks made from potatoes, apples, yams, and other high sugar products with no browning
  • Control acrylamide. Frying oil temperature can be kept below the 248 point at which acrylamide forms
  • Uses less floor space and energy than a conventional vacuum fryer
  • Integrated de-oiling centrifuge reduces product oil content
  • Significant reduction of Free Fatty Acid formation
  • Start-up pre-heater protects product quality