Farm Frites Poland Celebrates its 20th anniversary
This fall, the potato processing factory Farm Frites Poland is operating for 20 years. Hence the company is celebrating!

Farm Frites Poland has prepared a special anniversary website, providing you with the many highlights of the 20 years the french fry factory is now in operation.

PotatoPro made a selection to whet your appetite.

Read the exceptional story on how two competing french fry manufacturers from the Netherlands came together and managed to grow this company in Poland.


Installation of an Anaerobic Waste Water Treatment System

A modern anaerobic wastewater treatment plant was put into operation in the wastewater pre-treatment facility.

The biogas, mostly methane, is then utilized to generate heat and electric energy all of which is used by the plant for its own needs. One of the advantages of having the anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is green energy that should satisfy 10-15% of the demand. Another benefit is that the amount of sludge in the wastewater pre-treatment facility has been reduced by at least 30%.


Installation of a third production line: Potato Flakes

In July of 2011 a third production line was installed. A potato flakes line, based on increasing demand for this product on the European market.

To produce potato flakes, short fries and undersized potatoes, not suitable for the production of long fries, are utilised. The potato flakes line runs 24 hours a day (four-shifts of two operators).


Modernization of the French Fry Processing Line

In the summer of 2007 a major upgrade of the French fry line took place. In fact, it was the largest investment since the construction of the plant. About 70% of the production line equipment was replaced, significantly increasing the line’s capacity.


Addition of a Potato Pancake Line

In July of 2004, a potato pancakes line was launched. It was the first project of this type in Eastern Europe. Starting up the line cost five million Zlotys (around 1.4 million USD at the time) of which one million Zlotys was co-financed within the framework of the EU SAPARD Programme.


Building Potato Storage

On September 1 of 1996, a potato store in Nowa Wieś Lęborska was put into operation. The plant wanted to secure potato supplies in case any problems with transport of potatoes from remote locations occurred.

Existing grain storages were converted into potato stores. Initially, potatoes could not be stored past December, but in 1997 the stores were modernized and potatoes could be stored in them until the end of a season.

In 2010, a modern potato store was erected next to the old one. Nowadays, a total of 14.000 tons potatoes are stored


Farm Frites Poland becomes a McDonald's Supplier

In 1995 Farm Frites Poland became a supplier of French fries for McDonald’s. At the beginning of this cooperation, Farm Frites Poland delivered French fries to two markets.

Nowadays, French fries from Lębork find their way to almost 900 McDonald’s restaurants in twelve European countries.


Official Opening of the Farm Frites Poland Factory

On June 9, 1995, the plant was officially opened.

Amongst the guests were Gerrit de Bruijne - the founder of Farm Frites, Jan Zikken - the Chairman of the Board of Aviko, Sjoerd I. Gossesa - Ambassador of the Netherlands in Poland, Eugeniusz Diakun - Słupsk Deputy Voivode, and Witold Namyślak- the Mayor of Lębork.


Start of the Production of French Fries

In the fall of 1994, the plant was opened and the production of French fries started.

The initial production capacity of the nearly 40 million dollars French fries plant was 40.000 tons of fries per year.

Mr. E.C. Lehmann-Bärenklau was appointed the President and CEO of Farm Frites Poland. He holds this position to date and so do 33 of the initial 80 staff members

And before...

In December 1993, an agricultural farm covering approx. 4000 hectares of arable land located in Damnica Gmina and Główczyce Gmina was taken over from the local state-owned farm. On its premises, Farm Frites Poland Dwa was established to handle and manage potato breeding for the purposes of the plant to be built.

Farm Frites Poland Dwa was almost the sole supplier of potatoes for the first two years . As the demand for the raw material was growing, the circle of suppliers started to expand to finally reach 80 suppliers at present.
Although the company started production in 1994 and Farm Frites Poland was founded in 1993, the roots of the company go back to 1991, when Gerrit de Bruijne, the founder of the Dutch company Farm Frites, became interested in building a French fries manufacturing plant in Poland.

Based on the assumption that the consumption of French Fries in Poland would rise, he decided to build a plant with a capacity bigger than the entire Polish market at the time.

Another Dutch french fry manufacturer, Aviko, also wanted to build a French fries production plant in Poland.

Aviko put forward a cooperation proposal, resulting in two competitors jointly running the project in Lębork.