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Fresh Solutions Network Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potato Product Line Awarded

Fresh Solutions Network Side Delights Gourmet Petite Potato Product Line Awarded
August 23, 2014
Fresh Solutions Network has been named as a finalist for the 2014 PMA Impact Awards in Excellence in Packaging for their innovation and excellence in the Side Delights Gourmet Petite potato product line.

The Produce Marketing Association reported that 56 companies submitted 67 entries. The Impact Award Committee has selected twenty packaging submissions as finalists for 2014.

According to Kathleen Triou, President & CEO for Fresh Solutions Network, “the Gourmet Petite potato line was introduced in 2014 with the goal of providing a fresh new way to make every meal a little more interesting and enjoyable. With Side Delights Gourmet Petite potatoes, consumers can add the flavor, color and excitement of the specialty potatoes they find in fine-dining restaurants and see on their favorite cooking shows to the meals they make at home.”

“Consumers are looking for new ways to serve their favorite side dish (potatoes!), and growth of the specialty potato segment is leading the category at more than 9% year over year,” said Triou. “The Side Delights packaging is visually exciting and features contemporary, bold graphics and appetizing photography that grab shoppers’ attention. The stand-up pouch bag enhances shop-ability and the promise of convenience, further stimulating consumer trial.”

“We are excited about making the top 20 list for this prestigious award. We see packaging as an important component in increasing consumer’s engagement in the potato category, especially when packaging may be the only way for consumers to judge the quality of the product contained within. High marks for our packaging translates to better sales on the shelf” said Triou.

“We look forward to expanding distribution of the Gourmet Petite potato line during the 2015 season,” said Triou.

To get tasty recipes that are uniquely suited to the Gourmet Petite line, visit: www.SideDelights.com
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Fresh Solution Farms is the flagship facility of the network bearing its name. Fresh Solutions Network Partners grow, pack, sell and deliver potatoes and onions directly to their retail and foodservice customers, providing seamless, transparent product supply and service.
The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) is a US based industry association that supports 2500 members worldwide in the production, retail, distribution, and foodservice sectors of the fruit, vegetable and floral industries. PMA is the annual organiser of the Freshsummit convention and Expo