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Pulsemaster introduces new generation PEF technology for potato processing
November 21, 2014

The innovative Dutch company Pulsemaster introduces a new generation PEF (pulsed electric field) technology that significantly improves potato processing. With this cost efficient application the final breakthrough of PEF processing in the food industry is approaching.

The Pulsemaster PEF technology induces poration of potato cells, leading to cell disintegration. This makes the pulsed electric field systems an excellent alternative for preheaters in the potato industry. The PEF treatment improves cut quality and significantly reduces French fry breakage. Water and energy consumption in potato processing are reduced; blanching, drying and prebaking times are shortened. Furthermore, the leaching of sugars is improved. The treatment can also reduce frying oil absorption and fat content up to 50%.

Energy efficient, compact and hygienic

Pulsemaster’s technical improved PEF concept is more energy efficient than the previous generation. The new equipment gives a better pulse treatment of potatoes with a more compact and modular pulse generator. The generator is combined with a robust and hygienic transport system and PEF treatment chamber.

PEF processing is a continuous process and the Pulsemaster systems can easily be implemented in existing processing lines. The new range of industrial scale equipment – named Conditioner – has treatment capacities from 1 ton an hour to 50 tons an hour (about 110,000 lb/h) for potato processing systems. On a commercial scale total costs of 1 Euro/ton (0.1 Eurocent per kg / 0.056 US Dollarcent per lb) have to be expected.

The Pulsemaster PEF systems can also be applied to improve other drying, cutting, peeling and pressing processes. Examples are the drying of sweet peppers and grapes, the peeling and cutting of tomatoes and the pressing of vegetables and olives. In the meat industry PEF processing leads to shorter tumbling times.

Pulsemaster PEF Machinery

Pulsemaster has the answers for maximizing the effect of your raw materials and enhancing food quality and safety. Under the brand name Conditioner we manufacture a range of industrial systems to meet our customer’s production requirements. These turnkey solutions are fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids.

The typical average power range of our industrial pulsed electric field systems is up to 80 kW and the pulses are applied at repetition rates of up to a maximum of 1000 pulses per second to allow sufficient treatment of all volume elements.

As a continuous short-time process with low space requirements, pulsed electric field processing systems can easily be implemented in existing lines.

Pulsemaster Pulsed Electric Field Machinery

Unique experience

The innovative Dutch company Pulsemaster combines years of unique experience with pulsed power technology. The production facility is located in Bladel, The Netherlands. The pulse generators have a proven track record for industry, research, medical and defense applications. Their patented parallel switching technology enables better pulse control and high reliability. Pulsemaster aspires to further growth in the potato, fruit and vegetable industry. The company rapidly develops export activities. In Seattle/Bellevue, Washington Pulsemaster has an office for the North-American market at its disposal.

“Worldwide the potato industry especially shows great interest in our new generation PEF technology”, says Pulsemaster’s managing director Mark de Boevere.

Moreover, pulsed electric field processing is an excellent technology for mild preservation of liquid foods and beverages. The pulsed electric field inactivates micro-organisms, but leaves valuable compounds, such as vitamins and proteins, unaffected. Pulsemaster also offers PEF systems for food preservation purposes, including a new generation juice treatment chambers.

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