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Washington & Colorado Food Banks Win Big With Super Bowl Bet

The Washington State Potato Commission and the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) made sure that food banks in their respective states are the true winners of this year’s Super Bowl.

Last week, both organizations agreed to a friendly wager on the outcome of the NFL’s Championship game. The bet was that for every point scored in Sunday’s game, 500 pounds of potatoes would be donated to a food bank in the city of the winning team by the organization from the state that was home to the losing squad.

Based on the Seahawks 43-8 victory and a total of 51 points being scored in the game, CPAC will be sending 25,500 pounds of potatoes to a food bank in Seattle. However, the WSPC has decided to match the donation so both cities will find themselves victorious.

“In the end it isn’t about who won or loss, it is about supporting food banks in each city in an effort to help families in need make ends meet,” said WSPC Executive Director Chris Voigt. “So we will provide an identical donation of 25,500 pounds of potatoes so that way food banks in both Denver and Seattle can assist people in their communities.”

“We might have been hoping for a different team to win the game, but we are delighted that the total score will allow for such a sizeable donation to food banks in both cities,” CPAC’s Executive Director, Jim Ehrlich said. “In the end I’m glad that food banks will be the true winners of the game.”

Both organizations will be working with local food banks in their areas to arrange for the delivery of potatoes in the upcoming weeks. It is estimated that this will provide more than 76,500 servings of potatoes to people within both communities who rely on support from food banks.

Another layer of the bet that Colorado added to the challenge was to have the Executive Director from the state with the losing team make a trip to the winning team’s city. While in that city they will help with a potato promotion of the winning state’s potatoes. The WSPC will be soliciting ideas on their Facebook page of ideas of promotional activities that Jim Ehrlich will need to conduct while on his trip to Seattle to promote Washington state potatoes. We need the 12th Man to come up with some creative ideas that Colorado will have to do to help promote our Washington potatoes.