Amanda Gevens

The webcast "Managing Diseases with Biopesticides in Potato Production" will presented by Amanda Gevens, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Now more than ever, potato growers have an increasing number of biopesticide options for their disease management programs. Understanding these modes of action is a critical step for a successful disease management program.

A new "Focus on Potato" webcast titled “Managing Diseases with Biopesticides in Potato Production” helps growers, consultants, and other practitioners in the potato industry understand the basics of biopesticides and their use in the field.

This 30-minute talk by Amanda Gevens, Assistant Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, covers:

  • An overview of biopesticides
  • Product categories modes of action
  • The advantages and limitations of biopesticides
  • Biopesticide efficacy as it pertains to conventional potato systems
This Focus on Potato presentation is open access through September 30, 2015.

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