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Scottish Agronomy's Eric Anderson reckons PCN resistant varieties are a must for Scotland

PCN and blackleg main topics at Cambridge potato conference

January 21, 2023
Potato industry challenges posed by PCN and blackleg were among the topics discussed at the recent Cambridge University Potato Growers’ Association (CUPGRA) annual conference.
University of Idaho researchers developing nematode resistant potatoes

University of Idaho researchers developing nematode resistant potatoes

January 04, 2023
University of Idaho researchers are introducing genes from a plant in the nightshade family into potatoes, seeking to develop spuds that resist harmful nematodes.  The plant, called ‘litchi tomato’, has natural resistance to several species of cyst and root-knot nematodes.
Potato crop

Boyacá, Colombia: El ICA entrega medidas fitosanitarias para evitar la Punta Morada de la Papa y proteger los cultivos

December 26, 2022
La presencia de nemátodo globodera pallida, cuyo incremento se está provocando por la alta presencia de lluvias, ha ocasionado reducción en la producción hasta del 70% y 90%.
Lobster shells and soil

University of Maine researchers are testing lobster shells to thwart potato soil pathogens

December 22, 2022
Scientists at the University of Maine are evaluating if lobster shells can cultivate beneficial microbial communities that ward off soil borne potato pathogens.
Biotech-Potato Harvest at the CFT site in Kuru, near Jos. (courtesy: AATF)

Nigeria harvests first batch of biotech-potatoes

December 20, 2022
Elder Isaiah Buwah is growing potatoes for forty years in the Plateau State, North Central Nigeria. Having seen the impact from late blight first hand, he truly enjoyed the harvest of the first batch of - resistant - biotech potatoes.
Potato cultivation in Panama

Tierras Altas, Panamá: Resultados alentadores en cultivo de papa

December 18, 2022
Tras pruebas en la Estación Experimental del IDIAP en Tierras Altas y fincas de productores colaboradores, hay resultados alentadores en el cultivo de papa.
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María Gómez young university student

Honduras: Joven universitaria sigue legado ancestral del cultivo de la papa

December 05, 2022
María Gómez, es la joven universitaria intibucana de 20 años de edad; un ejemplo de su generación para los que no estudian y abandonan el campo.
CPB potato leaves protected by RenBio RNAi yeast

Renaissance BioScience Corp adds Senior Executive Expertise to Push Commercialization of its RNA Production and Oral Delivery Platform Technology

December 03, 2022
Renaissance BioScience Corp., a leader in bioengineering for the global agriculture and food industries, has retained the services of S. Brad Griffith to assist Renaissance in commercializing its RNA production
Local seed potato research promising in Zimbabwe.

Local seed potato research promising in Zimbabwe

November 24, 2022
The Zimbabwe Potato Micro-propagation Association (ZPMA) has spearheaded the resuscitation of seed potato production since this stalled around 2008. The current mandate is to substitute imported seed potato.
Potato sack

In the Netherlands, 7 supermarkets sign up for 100% robust potatoes in an organic range

November 19, 2022
In the Netherlands, 31 parties in the table potato chain sign a covenant in which they commit to switch completely to organic robust potato varieties, including 7 supermarkets.


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