News on Potato Defects and Diseases

Potato Plant
May 13, 2024

Calcium Can Protect Potato Plants from Bacterial Wilt

Scientists have discovered that calcium plays a significant role in enhancing the resistance of potato plants to bacterial wilt. This disease causes worldwide losses of potatoes costing USD 19 billion per year.
Patata canaria. (Cortesía: Europa Press)
May 09, 2024

España: alerta por riesgo fitosanitario en las Islas Canarias

Alerta por riesgo de tizón tardío en las Islas Canarias. Se implementan medidas de control y prevención.
Bangladesh Potato Prices Soar to Record Levels Despite Recent Harvest
April 30, 2024

Bangladesh Potato Prices Soar to Record Levels Despite Recent Harvest

High input cost and unfavorable weather hit potato output in Bangladesh, with late blight causing added damage.
Wind operated insect trap
April 22, 2024

Indian agricultural scientists develop innovative, eco-friendly wind operated insect trap to enhance pest control

A groundbreaking wind-operated aerial insect trap designed to revolutionize pest management in agriculture has been developed by a team of scientists at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Potato Research Institute (ICAR-CPRI) in Shimla.
Bayer pilots unique generative AI tool for agriculture
April 17, 2024

Potato farming in Europe – Late Blight crisis in the making

It is not easy to be a potato farmer in Europe these days, and it may get even worse: To maintain the harvest, farmers need a sufficient number of highly efficient fungicides to cover a spray scheme for control of Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans).
Colombia: alerta fitosanitaria por polilla guatemalteca
April 09, 2024

Colombia: alerta fitosanitaria por polilla guatemalteca

El Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) dio la alerta por la plaga que puede comprometer seriamente los cultivos de la regiones más céntricas del país.
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Dos mil agricultores pierden S/ 300 mil por la rancha en papa
March 06, 2024

Perú: 550 hectares de producción perdidas por la phytophthora

En la provincia de Junin, Perú, más de dos mil productores perdieron un total aproximado de 550 hectáreas. Las fuertes lluvias favorecieron el desarrollo de la plaga.
Colombia: cambios en las tendencias de mercado para el mes de Marzo
March 06, 2024

Colombia: cambios en las tendencias de mercado para el mes de Marzo

En Colombia los precios se mantienen a la baja pero se esperan cambios para finales de Marzo. Presidente de la Federación Nacional de productores explicó las tendencias.
Potato IPM logo
February 25, 2024

Potatoes USA - Supported research into Neonic alternatives receives USDA funding

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) recently announced funding for a four-year, Potatoes USA-supported research project to develop and evaluate potential alternatives to neonicotinoids for pest management of potato crops.
España: se dificulta la producción en el sur
February 15, 2024

España: se dificulta la producción en el sur

En el sur de España las condiciones de producción están volviendo inviable al cultivo de patatas.
Prohibición de las exportaciones de P.E.I. El envío de patatas a Estados Unidos en 2021 provocó la destrucción de cientos de millones de libras de patatas. (Cortesía: Mary Kay Sonier/PEI Potato Board)
February 07, 2024

La Isla Principe Eduardo vuelve al mercado mundial

Después de años fuera de la escena mundial tras la detección de la sarna verrugosa en sus campos, la Isla Principe Eduardo se dispone a reclamar el podio como productora de elite.
New potato-threatening pathogens reported for first time in Pennsylvania, US
January 25, 2024

New potato-threatening pathogens reported for first time in Pennsylvania, United States

Researchers of the Pennsylvania State University identified potential threats to the local potato crop by collecting potato stems or tubers that exhibited symptoms of black leg or soft rot from 26 potato fields. They were able to isolate, culture and identify 456 samples of bacteria infecting potatoes.
New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain - Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD S V Agri
January 25, 2024

Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD SV Agri: 'New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain'

SV Agri organized its Annual Variety and Seed Farm Show from January 8th to 10th, featuring the display of 14 new potato varieties.
Proffesor Lyu Dianqiu directing the research team.
January 24, 2024

China: developments in new technology for virus detection in just 5 minutes

China develops a new method for detecting viruses in potatoes capable of providing results in just 5 minutes.
Imported seed potatoes being stored in Kuppilan Jaffna. They were found to be infected with fungi.
January 15, 2024

Spoiled imported seed potatoes leave Sri Lanka farmers with a rotten deal

Sri Lanka Potato Farmers alleged that a consignment of 20 metric tonnes (MT) of imported seed potatoes turned out to be rotten due to poor storage facilities in the region and import irregularities, leaving them with empty land.
NEM-EMERGE Overall Objective
January 10, 2024

Plant-parasitic nematodes on the rise: WUR launches major research project

Climate change and genetic selection have brought root-knot nematodes further north in Europe and made cyst nematodes more difficult to control.
Farmers will use special rigs to help train the robot AI
January 07, 2024

Farmers are being called on to help train robots to spot slugs and the damage they cause to arable crops.

The ground-breaking trial, set to start in the spring, will equip the 'Slug Sleuths' with special rigs designed to improve the complex machine-learning algorithms used to identify the slimy pests.
Tecia solanivora
January 03, 2024

Perú: gobierno promueve medidas para controlar la polilla guatemalteca

Peru aprobó medidas para controlar a la polilla guatemalteca en la región, una de las plagas con mayor impacto sobre la producción de papa.


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