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Improving potato quality results in export opportunities for Nedato.

Nedato offers packed potatoes for export in a wide range of formats. The picture shows a large size polynet.

Last year Dutch Potato Grower and Packer Nedato has put in place a long-term quality plan with the objective to further improve the quality of the delivered product. Nedato now reports that the increased focus on quality pays off.

Heero Gramsma, CEO of Nedato B.V.:

"This season, we start with a reasonably good quality; there is in any case sufficiently good quality present."

"Starting with the right varieties and professional potato growers is the foundation of our quality efforts."
Nedato has performed a large number of measurements through its entire operation with an electronic potato to identify locations that could potentially cause damage.

In combination with the improvements that have been carried during the summer in our sorting and packaging plant, this leads to visibly better quality potatoes. And this boosts turnover and demand for Dutch potatoes in export markets.

"Southern Europe creates demand for imports; from Portugal to the Balkan. There are also good opportunities in the Middle East and Iraq."

"All these markets require good quality potatoes, which is the only way to export additional volume of potatoes to those countries today."