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Potato production in Mexico by state (in tonnes)

Potato production in Mexico by state (in tonnes)

This week in Mexico, Filiberto Cadena Payan, representative in Sinaloa of the Potato Product System, said that it was important for the state's producers to reduce their crop area to the 11,000 hectares allocated to this crop this year in order to continue obtaining the best possible results in the marketing of the potato crop.

Payan said the decline in planting areas was needed because last year the surface established had amounted to 13,500 hectares and producers had been forced to store the last part of their production to prevent the collapse of the fresh consumption market and a significant drop in prices that would have affected farmers.


Payan stated the first preparations of the first stage in the production of this food had already been started. Potatoes have a preferential market nationwide, as well as within the frying industry, because of their high quality and size. The first plantings, which will take place in October, he said, will allow supplying the requirements of the national potato industry during the first months of the year.

Potato Congress

Moreover, Filiberto Cadena said the city of Los Mochis was going to host the 15th National Congress of Potato Producers. The meeting will bring together the country's potato producers, authorities from the three levels of government, and all members of the production and marketing of potatoes. The Congress will be held in early November in the facilities of the CUM in Los Mochis.

"Preparations are very advanced and we are highly motivated by the celebration of this important meeting in this city."